Sales. Catalogue. Terms and paintings prices.

Sales. Catalogue. Terms and paintings prices.

My art work prices are set according to the following factors, some of them linked to my professional experience, some specific to each work:
1. My experience and artistic profile (that means the total work I put into becoming a painter, into achieving technique and concept). As works belong to earlier stages, their prices are lower.
2. If a work belongs to an artistic project its value increases. A higher value is also put on works/projects that have been exhibited, accordingly to the exhibition caliber.
3. The price will be lower if the work is not included in a more ample art project. It may be a moment’s inspiration, or something that appeals to a particular state of mind or soul. It may also be a commissioned work.
4. Size is also a factor, as generally, and given all the above factors, price is directly proportional to size.

How to buy
Check the catalogue below to see which paintings are still available for sale. You will find there prices and dimensions. Payment can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. Contact me at the e-mail adresses bellow and we can set up the transaction.
All expenses related to delivery are the responsibility of the buyer.

Commission your own
When shopping for art, you also have the opportunity to commission your own painting. Given the above guidelines and the prices you can find in the catalogue, you can get a rough idea about what to expect. And when you know, then please contact me and maybe even make a visit to the studio.

If you have it home and it is not what you expected
Since painting can be a different experience live from the online view, it sometimes may happen that the painting you purchased looks and feels different from how you saw it on your screen. If this is the case, you can return it to me, and receive a full refund within a timeframe of 15 days from purchasing it.

Contact me at:

Phone: +40-745642825
E-mail: oanamdamian at gmail dot com
oana at oanadamian dot ro

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