Oana Damian. Artist statement


Oana Damian, artist statement

I investigate frailty and vulnerability both in painting and in my readings. Most of my readings are about the human mind and what I choose to put in painting are images that are subtle, but strong.

I deal with mindfulness. My works are results of the attempt to focus in on uneventful instances of life as I see it around me. Sometimes I use visual metaphors to create a specific atmosphere or state of mind. I paint myself, my son, husband, friends. I stage my own photo shootings, and I work after my own pictures. As such, my works are stories, parables which are generic and relatable because the gestures are small and simple, but just as parables, they are not forthcoming.

My goal is to create a small world where the viewer, able to contemplate one of thousands of moments that pass unobserved, feels home, comfortable, but also ever so slightly unease. Vulnerability, intimacy, frailty, are not comfortable to experience authentically. Such states of mind are rather inhibited, restrained and require an ambiguous approach.

As for the act of painting, paint is to me a form of exploration and play by itself. Beyond the image, there is the joy of exploring pure paste, the pursuit of achieving expression with limited gestures.

Contact me at oana at oanadamian dot ro