Revelations of a summer day, at the end of summer, on the edge of a cool fountain with almost nothing in mind.

Stones are pleasantly warm even when close to water in the middle of the city, after a long, hot, never ending August day.

People (to be read women) prepare for vacation by trying to become beautiful. All the rituals imagined are put into action to secure: bikini body, smooth silky (!!) skin (even in the mustache area!), and perfect nails. I imagine everything is done for the benefit of obtaining perfect pictures to show for a perfect vacation (since people in foreign lands don’t look closer to nails or feet than the ones at home). And sometime in the future, when shown to friends, there will be all this beauty that is proven to have been there.

Maybe it helps to see this perfect version of you, to look at its nice clothes, skinny body, sucked tummy and shiny nails. Maybe it is uplifting and therapeutic. Or maybe it is a never ending race against oneself, the self that has skin with small hairs and bits of cellulite, a growing thin mustache that competes the husband’s, and a ponytail because hair on your shoulders is just as realistic as high heels on the beach.