Where does beauty belong is a question to deal with in contemporary art. Art and idea is also a stake for contemporary art to work with, as the contemporary artist is somewhat expected to takeover the role of philosophy.

In Belvedere, Adina Zorzini’s book of interviews with contemporary Romanian artists, there is somewhat of a theme which appears in most of them that the old aesthetic of beauty vs ugly is no longer in place. Dan Perjovschi says that beauty has gone into mass production, and art is left to deal with ideas.

Ok. But most art is made to be looked at and most of the times it is not explicit, or conceptual.

As for value, it is said by most critics, that time is the ultimate judge. (so looking and saying It is good, is not an option)

So. One looks at a contemporary work of art and says… It looks… how? Should we give it the attributes of ideas? ┬áIt looks: controversial, debatable, stupid, smart, unintelligible…